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Our Services

If you would like your real estate agent to market your home on HomeGroove and/or with any of our services listed below, don't hesitate to contact us. We will get in touch with your real estate agent and make sure that you get the marketing your home deserves.

A professional real estate photographer will make your home look it‘s best by finding all the right angles. Photos can be used on the Internet, in the newspaper, on open house feature sheets and in a variety of other real estate publications. Click here, to see a Sample.

Quick to load on even dial-up Internet connections, professional HomeGroove virtual tours have quickly become a dominant Internet marketing tool for real estate agents. Virtual tours show off key locations in and around your home in a full 360 degree circle. Click here, to see a Sample.

Your home will be prominently featured on the HomeGroove index page for your city. Featured homes receive hundreds of additional visits for the week they are listed.

Your home can feature its very own website, helping your agent advertise your online listing directly in newspapers and other publications. A website will allow potential buyers to visit your listing on the Internet by simply typing in This web address will link to a website customized by your real estate agent, and is also very useful for marketing on search engines such as Google. Click here, to see a Sample.

The price a home ultimately sells for is directly related to the number of interested buyers an agent can attract. Our staff can advertise your home directly on Google, Facebook and through a network of real estate related sites, drawing hundreds of additional viewers to your listing.

Designed by a professional graphics artist, glossy feature sheets provide the perfect marketing piece for potential buyers who attend an open house to take away with them. Click here, to see a Sample.

The perfect keepsake to remember your home, an Interactive DVD includes all of the multimedia we film, providing you memories of your home for years to come.
If you would like us to contact you or your agent to arrange for these services for your home, simply fill in the form below. Remember, agents typically include the costs for these services as part of their marketing budget for your home.
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